Monday, April 16, 2007

Ad: Chic-Fil-A

Since its original appearance on billboards and radios, the Chick-Fil-A “Eat More Chikin” campaign has found its way in to the hearts of parents and children alike, promoting a fun, healthy, family eating environment. The campaign has been going for several years, only stopping once during the mad bow disease scar in late 2003-2004. The reason for this move was to keep the company from being seen as one who would take advantage of the scare to increase their sales – a smart move. This temporary stop on their advertising lasted only a month, and was then back again.
While this campaign is considered to be flawless in its techniques by many, there are few who find the time to analyze it to the point of stretching their criticisms. One example of these pointless criticisms is the fact that the cows featured in the campaigns are not beef bows, but milk cows, evidence of this being their utters. While some believe this to be a mistake on the marketing departments part, others see it as having been done on purpose to aid in children being able to better relate to the personas of the cow. Either way, with the introduction of the new milk shakes by Chick-Fil-A, those criticisms have all been put to rest due to the fact that it takes milk to make a milk shake.
The advertising and marketing department has gone on to incorporating local humor into their advertising campaigns. For example, the billboards in the West Hills neighborhood of Knoxville, TN features the cows on an orange background, wearing a safety vest, playing off the never ending construction along I-40 since the early 70’s. The ability of a company to relate to its users in this manner allow it to have a more personal, caring feeling rather than just another fast food restaurant that wants you in and out as fast as possible.
Another fun form of marketing that has taken off since their first appearance on the billboards is the coupon “cow-calendar” the company puts out on a yearly basis. Each year of production, the calendar has a different theme with the cows dresses to match appropriately. Past themes include “Cow Supeheroes”, “Secret Agent Cows” and “The Cow Channel”. The 2007 calendar is said to have “The Good, The Bad and the Hairy” theme.

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