Monday, April 16, 2007

Commercial: iPod

White ear buds. These words say it all – iPod. One out of every four people can be seen wearing the ear buds and listening to the music found on those slim, almost non existent in size media devices. This distinctive advertising campaign has become known worldwide and it only takes one quick look at their billboards and commercials to see what they are selling.

Ever since iPod was made available to the public their commercials, billboards, posters and other print ads have always featured a single person dancing to the music that only they can here through their white, Apple ear buds attached to the ever slimming iPod. The use of the distinctive white ear buds allows for the proper, unique branding that many electronic players these days are lacking. No matter what medium of advertising they use, all the techniques are kept unified through their unique and consistent style. The only change that has taken place over the years is the change from a solid color background to a bright, multi-colored background that only enhances the white color of the white ear buds.

I think one of the interesting things about this campaign is that while it is promoting the iPod music player, the signature piece on their commercials and advertisements, that everyone knows, is the Apple ear buds. It takes a very good strategy to be able to brand something with an accessory, rather than with the object itself.
The amount of influence this product, and the commercials and advertising campaigns have had on society is phenomenal. Movies and TV shows such as “Series of Unfortunate Events”, “Family Guy”, “Something Awful”, “Weebl and Bob” and “The Simpson’s” have all featured the original silhouettes from the commercials along with the ever present white ear buds. It’s commercials have appeared on well known TV programs targeting those who care about their place in society and have an ever present need to have music go with them conveniently where ever they decide go.
iPod – it’s a symbol of status, wealth, popularity, a good music choice and being familiar with the times.

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