Monday, April 16, 2007

Ad: Coca Cola Polar Bears

In 1993, Coca-Cola presented a their new advertising campaign that introduced a commercial that would be come the most popular and loved symbols of Coca-Cola; the “Northern Lights” and its polar bears. This advertisement was a part of the “Always Coca-Cola” campaign created by Creative Artists Agency and Edge Creative that would run along side the famous polar bear commercials. This campaign included 27 commercials, all designed to appeal to different yet selective audiences, that included new technological approaches, such as computer animation. These posters would be shown in countries and locations around the world, appealing to all age groups and cultures.
These advertisements were created by Ken Stewart, whose inspiration came from two places: his dog (who resembled a polar bear) and the idea of drinking coke while watching movies in the theater. Mr. Stewart combined the ideas into one, with the polar bears drinking coca-cola and watching their own form of movies – the Northern Lights.
The creation of the posters was completed by the animation company Rhythm & Hues, the same company who produced the commercials. Ideas and themes for the posters all come from the original commercials that were played. Some posters include just the two main polar bears with the coca-cola bottle(s) while the others include the baby polar bear and penguins. Despite the fact that the penguins are not the main focus of the advertisements, they have still won their place in the hears of millions around the world.
Mr. Stewarts campaign were considered a success and went on to design a line of collectables including stuffed animals, serving trays, posters, music and movie clips and other miscellaneous items. 17 years later people can still purchase these items at novelty and antique stores.
Believed to be one of the best Coca-Cola advertising campaigns of all times, “Always Coca-Cola” is a slogan that still pops into the minds of people today when asked to say the first thing they think of when shown a bottle of Coca-Cola. This goes to show the impact of the traditional Coke and the value it has in the hearts of millions around the world.

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