Monday, April 16, 2007

Commercial: Wendy's

This commercial was created by Joe Selemaire as a part of the advertising cmpaign for the Wendy’s hamburger chain. The campgain created by the advertising company Dancer, Fitzgerald, and Sample’s included several commercials and slogan at the time geared for radio, tv posters and billboards; but not became as famous or as loved as the orginal “Where’s the Beef?” commercial.
The “Where’s the Beef?” commercial first aired on January 10, 1984 to the American and Canadian televsion viewing audiences. This commercial featured three elderly ladies looking at a giant hangurger bun topped with barely any meat. These ladies go through mentioning different aspects of the bun, such as its fluffiness and largeness. Once exhausting all examinations of the bun, one of the three ladies makes the simple comment “Where’s the Beef?”. That comment would go on to become famous for years to come, making its way in the to hearts of millions of Wend’s customers.
This once famous commercial for Wendy’s soon experienced a new kind of political success when Senator Gary Hart used the questioning Vice President Walter Mondale’s new plans and ideas saying, “When I hear your new ideas I’m reminded of that ad, ‘Where’s the beef?’” From that night on a guring battle of the wits and slogans took president in the campaigning strategy. This use of the phrase led to it being used in many other radio announements and TV shows, such as The Simpsons and other popular cartoon shows at the time.
Though the chain has since moved on to new commercials and different slogans, “Where’s the beef?” has become known from generation to generation, still being used to question ideas, events, projects and even campaigning ideas. It would become an all-purpose phrase that would never go out of style and never leave the hearts of those who know and love Wendy’s best.
In 2002, this commercial was named to the top ten commercials of all time by USAToday internet readers at their website. Later that year the History Channel, along with the American Association of Advertisign Afencies, showed the top ten commercials on TV for all to see.

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