Monday, April 16, 2007

Commercial: Geico Caveman

The new advertising campaign representing the car insurance company GEICO has quickly captured America’s attention with their sarcastic form of dry humor and the play on time periods found with in the commercials. These commercials started out with a caveman being a part of the filming crew where a commercial is being made for GEICO and the spokesperson says “so easy a caveman could do it”. From there the series goes on to depict the caveman being apologized to by the set director in a high end restaurant, then with the caveman passing a sign in the airport (again with the offending slogan), one with the caveman in a therapy session and finally, with the caveman at a party with his brother discussing the problem they are facing because of the slogans.
The popularity of these commercials has lead to an increase in the amount of things that can be done with them. For instance, aside from the commercials, GEICO launched a flash website entitled “Caveman’s Crib”. This site allows the fans of the caveman to go through their apartment, clothing, magazines and other such things. With in the site are things which refer back to the problems that the cavemen are having with the GEICO Company.
Another spin off of this popular commercial series is the new sitcom set to appear on ABC sometime in the 2007 – 2008 year. Several critiques have expressed mix views about how well this series will take off. Some are claiming that the idea of taking it into a series is pressing their luck enough, while others are saying it will be a hit.; other’s claim that GEICO, as an insurance company is taking the whole theme to far and that this might be their end.
One thing to point out is the good job the GEICO has done in creating to different brand images for themselves. GEICO has two current brand images – the caveman and the ever beloved lizard. GEICO’s ability to create two completely different images for themselves allows them to do away with one whenever needed while still keeping the other in for “safety’s sake”.

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