Monday, April 16, 2007

Commercial: Ebay

$37, 375 for a month, that’s $9, 343.75 a week, $1,245 a day and $51.44 per hour. That’s not too bad until you remember what you are being paid for. Andrew Fischer, from Omaha, was faced with that reality every time he looked in the mirror after having auctioned off his forehead to the highest bidder on EBay. Everyday for a month, Mr. Fisher (only 20 years old), had the name of a snoring remedy, SnoreStop, stamped on his forehead as a form of advertisement for the company. It would be interesting to see what kind of results were brought from this advertising campaign other than name recognition and articles in newspapers around the world.
“I look forward to an enjoyable association with Andrew – a man who clearly has a head for business in every sense of the word,” SnoreStop CEP Christian de Rivel said (
Cashing in on the idea of people paying attention to that which is not ordinary, or weird, SnoreStop agreed to pay Mr. Fisher $37, 375 to go along with this deal for a month; and it worked. Newpapers from around the world caught wind of the story with articles appearing around the world on sites such as and BBC.CO.UK. His sales pitch, “Take advantage of this radical advertising campaign and become a part of history”, left the field open to people picking what they choose to put on his forehead with the only limitations being no mark of the beast (666) or anything similar to a swastika, radical or anything related to adult entertainment. Not bad when it comes to limitations.
So what did he do with all the money? He planned to use it to pay tuition for college where he wants to study graphic design. Reportedly, when he spoke to him mom about it, she was not too thrilled, but was proud that he was thinking outside the box.
Would a stunt like this work again? Would it get as much attention or sound it fail miserably? Would it take another brave sole to try this again to find out? We shall see.

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