Monday, April 16, 2007


When first showed its “When I Grow up” commercial during the 1999 Super Bowl, little did they know that it would be the only commercial named to Time Magazine’s list of the “Best Television of 199”. Or that it would lead to 14.6 millions users visiting the website or that they would eventually employ over 5,000 people in 26 countries around the world. was started in 1994 by Jeff Taylor, president of Adion, Inc., after receiving a large amount of pressure from his clients to offer solutions to their growing personnel problems. Mr. Taylor set up the site with only 20 clients about a little more than 200 job openings – it was the 454th commercial website in the world. had a rough beginning because not many people were too sure about a job search engine that was named “monster”. That did not last long though, now days it is considered to be one of the largest job search engines in the world with 14.6 millions visitors in July of 2002.

The main product that offers is job listings, and serves as a host site for employers wanting their commercial websites listed on the search engine. This site allows people to post their resumes, no limit as to how many; and allows employers to search resumes, contacting potential job seekers for possible employment.

Some other products offered by includes experts who are willing to provide information to college job seekers, and Monster Premium. Monster Premium is a package deal offered to users for $7 a month with serves that include: Career Fit Indicator, Resume Enhancement, Job File, Job Search Tutorial and a Harvard ManageMentor “Manage Your Career”.
In 2000, opened up a new vital tool that has taken off among college and alumni job seekers. Monstertrack is a new tool that allows college and alumni job seekers to more easily search for and save job appropriate to their college degree and job desires. opened first for employers and job seekers in America but has then since opened up its market basis to European websites and only recently expanded into the Indian Market Place. is in 26 different countries world wide with more than 5,000 employees.

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